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Visitor management

Visitor management provides hassle-free visitor entry
while prioritizing safety measures

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The invitation

The visitor management solution acts as a seamless gatekeeper, ensuring smooth visitor access. Simply schedule a meeting with external guests using Outlook, Google, or the TableAir solution and send them the invitation. They will receive a PIN code along with the meeting invitation.

Meeting invitation
Visitor management

The visit

After arriving at your office on the scheduled day, visitors can enter the provided PIN code using the visitor management display. This action will trigger an email and notification to the meeting organizer via the TableAir mobile app.

Unexpected visitors

Keep track of unexpected visitors and facilitate secure entry, even in places without front desk staff. Visitors who arrive without a prior meeting request can enter the the person they’re visiting name on the visitor management display. The system will notify that person via email and a notification on the TableAir mobile app.

Unexpected visitor management

Visitor management process

Visitor management process

The display

Size: 10””
Width: 261 mm
Height: 167.2 mm
Depth: 29 mm 

DC12V +/- 5%, 1.5A, PoE=24W 

WiFi or Ethernet

Landscape and portrait display
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“The effectiveness of the solution in London allowed us to expand the tools to our other global offices with minimum effort. We are working closely with TableAir to utilize the data produced by booking systems to add further value by identifying usage trends and ensuring the HR teams can help ensure we get the most value from our office investments.”

Howard Wright
Global Head of IT Operations
at the Thredd

“The reservation system for acoustic and meeting rooms brought more clarity and definition to daily work. We are grateful to the TableAir team for the high-quality services provided.”

Iveta Paludnevičiūtė
Chancellor of the Ministry

The Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania office
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