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Smart button

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The smart button can elevate your office to a new level. Its main features are that it can control electric sit-stand desks with one hand move and indicate to others if workspaces are vacant or occupied.

Adjust sit-stand desks with one hand motion

The smart button offers a unique interface mechanism for electric sit-stand desks. Simply activate the sensor by clicking it and placing your hand above the sensor. It will sense the distance to your hand and adjust the desk to meet that height. This way, you can always tailor the desk for the most convenient way to work.

smart button
Office smart button

Clearly indicate the desk occupancy

In addition to one hand motion sit-stand desk adjustment, the smart button also clearly indicates the desk occupancy from afar. If the desk is either booked or available, the smart button shows that with a different light color.


Distance sensor

Integrated push button


CE and Rohs certified

Bluetooth 4.0 LE

WiFi 2.4 Ghz (b/g/n)
WPA2/WPA-Enterprise WiFi authentication

Embedded RJ-45 connector

Unique Identifier

OTA (over the air) firmware update

    •    Diameter 75,5 mm

    •    Height 47,1 mm

Smart button

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