• Web interface

    Meeting room and workspace custom attributes were moved to Settings. Impacted areas:  
    • Created a new table – ‘attribute types’ to enable standardization of values  
    • Removed ability to modify attributes in the front page / floor map kadangi ju nedaug, galima konkreciai isvardint, apie kokius atributus kalbame
    • Modified multiple requests for the web page and mobile to show the attributes from new location manau nereikia vartoti zodzio requests sitame kontekste, pilnai uztenka All features and functionality now use the new attribute types system ar pan.
    • Migrated all old attribute values to the new location 
    • Meeting room capacity was moved to custom attributes

Outlook plugin for finding meeting rooms was released to the limited usage 

Declined meetings will not be shown in the users’ meeting list in the dashboard.

Users that have been deleted from the system will be also deleted from groups.

Fixed the feature to change the name of already existing groups.


  • Sensors


Optimized and reduced the amount of data that sensors were sending ~ 80% 

Automatic sensors restart if the wireless connection were lost for the longer period vienas wireless connection

Improved diagnostic message sending  

Fixed a rare situation where sensors were restarting without any need 

Improved accuracy of temperature reporting

Increased Wi-Fi transmitter power. This can result in a larger coverage area, and better performance in areas with obstacles or interference.


  • Core system


Delete the meeting room, and the synchronization itself is deleted as well.

External users (users that are not present in externally synchronized directories) will be able to book meetings rooms. Meeting room occupancy will be shared between TableAir and Microsoft.

Added capability in the system to see who created, modified or approved user invitations.

The replicator was deactivated, accelerating data synchronization in web and mobile applications and eliminating repeating errors.

The performance optimization was improved, which increased the speed of the web and mobile applications.  

The occupancy indicators connected to check-in sensors’ color changes according to occupancy status.


  • Microsoft updates


The Null Null issue was fixed

Deleted events in TableAir solution and Microsoft account are now synchronized 

No more anonymous names in the timeline

Repeating bookings deletion was fixed

No more overwritten workspace bookings


  • Small fixes


Web timeline bookings start time same as the venue working hours start

Venue editing working hours tabs were fixed

Color change according to the colleagues’ status 

Now you can easily find a colleague on the floor map 

The workspaces are in the alphabetical order

The repeating bookings issues were fixed

Website Application

  • Bookings

When creating a booking with randomized workspaces, the previous booking will not be overwritten.

Daily bookings – on the floor map, the color of the workspace with the daily booking type shows the availability.

  • Users

The user’s online status shows data in the list of colleagues.

  • Links

QR codes link can be used more than one time.

The invitation link to the new team can be used more than once and expires in 72 hours.

Mobile App

The user’s data will be shown on the floor map – no anonymous users.

The refresh button was added to the venue selection.

The workspaces are listed in alphabetic.

Microsoft Integration

When you delete the meeting in Outlook, it will be automatically deleted in the TableAir as well.

The meeting attendee status is now synchronized.

New website

The new website was launched for a better user experience; it will be constantly updated with helpful information, tips, recommendations, insights, and research. 

Workspace App

We updated the workspace hierarchy feature and design for more convenient usage. Improved venue space rendering – it shows available and occupant space data. And from now on, after selecting another team, you will see the venues that team can use.

Microsoft Integration

Administrators can control whether newly synchronized users should be automatically added to their groups.

Workspace App

Users are now able to see their bookings in the calendar more clearly. Booking selection and deletion of selected entries added.


A lot of UI/UX changes and improvements.

Microsoft Integration

  • Users

No more double work: Microsoft is integrated with the TableAir solution, so whenever you add a new user to your Microsoft tenant, the user will be automatically created in TableAir, and you won’t have to add it manually.
If you don’t want to add all new users from your Microsoft tenant to TableAir, you can separate them into groups and select which groups should be added to TableAir.

  • Meeting rooms

Choose to work the way you like – you can book the meeting room either from your Outlook calendar or your TableAir account. In any way, the meeting room will also be created in both accounts.

Workspace App UI Design

Finally! We are happy to announce that we have released the new and improved UI design for the TableAir Workspace app. You will experience a more quick and easy workflow with the new interface.

  1. You can see the current workspace’s status with the added colors
  2. We improved the search possibility for your better experience
  3. You can now easily delete multiple bookings at the same time just by holding any booking on the Calendar page
  4. For your convenience, we created a new booking edit page
  5. And you will experience many other UI improvements


Other Updates

  • Sensor Bluetooth

From now on, every administrator can add new sensors to the venues by themselves with the latest Bluetooth feature. There is no need to ask for help from us; you can do it by simply adding a new device using the app Settings menu.

  • QR Codes

Our team previously generated, printed, and sent the QR code stickers for you. There is no need to wait – from now on, all administrators can create QR codes for meeting rooms and workspaces by themselves. Just use the Settings menu in the dashboard.

  • Maximum booking time

Make your office more structured – set up a maximum booking time for separate workspaces. This way, you will ensure there are no longer work hours, but also your colleagues will be able to book the workspaces for a shorter time.

  • Meeting room name

The names of the meeting rooms are now visible on the dashboard, and you can use the Search field to find the needed meeting room by its name more quickly.


  • Web Check-in

Login flow changes. When logging in users will now have to select which team they want to log into. More information can be found in our Introduction and Workspace app manuals.

  • Power BI

Login flow changes. When logging in users will now have to select which team they want to log into. More information can be found in our Introduction and Workspace app manuals.



  • Colleague status indicator

You can again see if your colleagues are at the office or working remotely.


Workspace App

  • Booking timelines

An easier and more clear interface for selecting the date of your bookings and meetings.

  • Colleagues module

You can now search for your colleagues on the app as well as the web. The same status indication is shown and licking on your colleagues shows the place of their bookings.

  • Unavailable workspaces

Workspaces unavailable to you are now shown in a grey color.

  • Time filtering

Search for an available resource of the time most suitable for you.

  • Countdown clock added on workspaces

You can now see how much time is left of your colleagues’ bookings.


A lot of design improvements and bug fixes!


  • Web Check-in option added

A new check-in option using which it is possible to confirm your booking straight from your browser with a click of a button.



  • Overlay Changes

User information was moved to the corner, meeting room, and parking resources selection were added to the top of the workspace list.

  • Workspace timeline

The workspace timeline in the web version is more accurate. Clean and clear designs will allow managing the bookings more efficiently.

  • Venue hierarchy

The venue hierarchy you set up in the web application is automatically updated on the app.

  • Time suggestions

The available times for booking are automatically suggested. No need for manual selection.

New TableAir Workspace app release

IoT cloud updates

New dashboard development

New dashboard interface

System security updates

New updates for TableAir Workspace app

Meeting rooms synchronization 

The admin will reach beta stage and will be rolled out for selected customers.



Public release allowing to search and book for workspaces

Workspace search by attributes 

The workspace attributes will be available in the mobile app and for selected customers in the web application


User synchronization 

The old Microsoft user synchronization updated


Users CSV import 

The CSV import is improved in the new version for self-admin interface 


Meeting room app V2 

The beta version of the meeting room app has been released beta and is the recommended version to use

Parking bookings 

Coming up soon: employees will be able to share not only the desks but the office parking spaces as well


New TableAir Workspace app

The new workspace app release with push notifications and bookings to the calendar


Special user attributes 

The new user attributes were added for the users to easily assign and search