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Keep your employees and guests satisfied with self-service desk booking kiosk.

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For your employees

With a web application and mobile app booking capabilities, there is another possibility to book through the booking kiosk. The kiosk is an excellent tool for reserving a desk or meeting room. Simply choose the desk or a meeting room you want to book on the kiosk display, set up the time interval, pick your guests and book it. This device is perfect for companies with no policy of issuing smartphones to employees.

Kiosk display
Assmann kiosk

For your office guests

Take care of your office guests—place the kiosk in the lobby where they can easily access it. Your guests will be able to find any meeting room or other reserved space simply by taking a glimpse at the kiosk—it displays the office floor map with all the needed information. The floor map will also direct them to the right way.

Kiosk features

The kiosk is usually placed in the lobby – it gives all users access to view the availability of workspaces or find needed information.

The kiosk features a mechanical M-column that allows you to choose the perfect height of the touchscreen. A non-electric, constant force spring lifting column can be easily moved around the office to pinpoint the ideal location. It can also be mounted on the wall—choose the best way for your office.

TableAir kiosk
TableAir kiosk on wall

Kiosk display

43″ multi touch screen with an integrated PC setup
TV-Tilt with Swilling castors (Rufac)

Adjustable height:
Minimum: 79.4 cm / 31.26 in 
Maximum: 121.3 cm / 47.76 in

Independent 4G internet connection or WiFi

One device for all

No additional devices are needed—employees and guests can book any space using the kiosk screen for booking desk.

Convenience for guests

Your guests can quickly locate any needed workspace or meeting room by taking a glimpse at the kiosk.

Find your path

The kiosk displays an office floor map, which helps you find your way around the workplace.

You will be in a good company

Trusted by companies. Loved by users.

“The effectiveness of the solution in London allowed us to expand the tools to our other global offices with minimum effort. We are working closely with TableAir to utilize the data produced by booking systems to add further value by identifying usage trends and ensuring the HR teams can help ensure we get the most value from our office investments.”

Howard Wright
Global Head of IT Operations
at the Thredd

Global Processing Services booth
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