Meeting room booking solution

No more meeting

A simple way to manage your meeting room bookings either online or on the spot.

No more meeting interruptions

The meeting room display clearly indicates if the meeting room is booked or available

Book from calendar, app, or on the spot

Manage your meetings the way you like – either online or on the spot

Utilize, utilize, utilize!

Meeting room sensors will automatically release the room if no one shows up

space usage

Analyze your meeting rooms day to day usage and get valuable insights

On the spot
Easily manage your meeting room bookings online

Check the meeting room availability, book it or release it from your calendar. Find the meeting room with your organization’s floor map on your mobile app or web application.

Conference room booking
Meeting room booking system
Check availability and book the room on the spot

Mount the tablet next to the meeting room, and you will always see the room availability on the screen. No more meeting interruptions – you can check the meeting time, pre-book a meeting on the spot, or change room availability if the meeting ends earlier.

Auto-book and auto-release meeting rooms with sensors

The meeting room occupancy sensor will auto-release the room when no one shows up for the meeting. The sensor will also trigger an auto-booking if somebody decides to pop in for a quick ad-hoc meeting.

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Global Processing Services office
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“The effectiveness of the solution in London allowed us to expand the tools to our other global offices with minimum effort. We are working closely with TableAir to utilize the data produced by booking systems to add further value by identifying usage trends and ensuring the HR teams can help ensure we get the most value from our office investments.”

Howard Wright
Global Head of IT Operations
at the Global Processing Services