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"Although we had 1000 workstations, only around 600 of them were used every day. This resulted in savings in rent (€200K/yr) and furnishing (€300K)."
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With 1500 people across 8 locations, the company Amstelveen serves two municipalities: Amstelveen and Aalsmeer. The collaboration between Amstelveen and TableAir began with the Town Hall’s modernization project in 2018, following an initial demonstration. The solution provided by TableAir was implemented in 2019 and fully launched in 2021. Currently, 1100 employees are using the solution to manage 750 workstations and 150 meeting and focus rooms.

“It was important that employees use TableAir to reserve their workspace for varied periods of time. We wanted to use the solution to reduce the resistance to flexible working,” – Hans Schekermans, Project Director.

The benefits

TableAir’s solution allows employees to determine the location and availability of workspaces, meeting or focus rooms. You can instantly determine whether the space is occupied by glancing at indicators on desks or near meeting rooms. This solution is also easy to use with an access control system. 


“The very first result gained was insight into workspace and room utilization. This information helped us to decide not to rent any additional office spaces. Although we had 1000 workstations, only around 600 of them were used every day. This resulted in savings in rent (€200K/yr) and furnishing (€300K).”

Tool for the employee

TableAir helped the municipality to integrate flexible workspaces smoothly, even for employees who are typically resistant to change. To increase solution adoption, the municipality promoted TableAir as a tool for the employee which makes it easy to locate and reserve workspaces.


“We recommend using TableAir to get your employees moving and bring about behavioral change. This only works if you use the product as a tool for the employee. Of course, you can also use it as an asset management tool, but this way, the end-user can become secondary. The system works best in combination with Office365 as appointments can be merged with meeting locations, making it more efficient.”


Hans Schekermans recommends TableAir for organizations with more than 50 workstations. He would also recommend TableAir to companies where many employees work at the customer site or occasionally come to the office.

The project was implemented by TableAir partners TableAir Benelux