Elevate your hybrid office
into a smart workplace

From a simple desk booking to a full hybrid office management – create a workplace without limits

Don’t let hybrid work get in the way of working together

Empower your employees to manage their workday and let them book their favorite desk, organize meetings, schedule remote work, or even reserve a parking spot.

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Eliminate friction

Enhance the coordination of people, space, and time to help your teams work even smarter

Utilize & save

Analyze your office space usage and get insights that can help you manage your space properly and reduce office cost

Satisfied employee

Empower your employees by giving them the flexibility to manage their workday and worktime

All in one

All your needs can be fulfilled by a single vendor – enjoy the desk, meeting room, parking, and remote bookings in 1 solution

Simple & fast

Launch your smart office management solution just in a few hours. It’s easy, fast, and user-friendly

Flexible customization

Don’t lose your identity – customize the solution according to your work habits and your branding

Tools for flexible workplace

Combine the most suitable solution for your company and employees

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You will be in a good company

Trusted by companies. Loved by users.

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“The effectiveness of the solution in London allowed us to expand the tools to our other global offices with minimum effort. We are working closely with TableAir to utilize the data produced by booking systems to add further value by identifying usage trends and ensuring the HR teams can help ensure we get the most value from our office investments.”

Howard Wright
Global Head of IT Operations
at the Global Processing Services

“All workplaces and meeting rooms have a no-show prevention by TableAir, the advanced workplace and meeting room reservation system that we use. People can reserve a workplace, a focus room, or a meeting room in advance. If for whatever reason, the appointment expires and you forget to log off, the system automatically releases the space so that others can use it.”

Hans Schekermans
Project Director
at the Municipality of Amstelveen

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