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Workplace analytics

Alter your workplace according to data-based employees’ needs while reducing the real-estate costs

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Make data-driven decisions

Understand the use of space. Get in-depth insights that can help you manage your space, access, and occupancy properly

Make your employees comfortable. Use data to deliver workspace according to employee needs

Real estate changes. Reduce office costs or even facilitate new office layout decisions

Improve continuously. Adjust working practices based on data, not wishful thinking

Hybrid office analytics
Software for workplace analytics

Reach your company's well-being goals

You no longer need to guess if your employees are actually using the sit-stand desks and if the company’s well-being goals are being achieved. Have a numbers-based statement with workplace analytics and support the company’s investment decision into employees’ health.

Key metrics


Analyze the utilization of your desks, meeting rooms, and parking lot.

No shows

Investigate how many booked desks or meeting rooms had a no-show.

Attendee number

Determine the average meeting attendance and resize the rooms accordingly.

Employee habits

Identify how many of your teammates are working onsite or remotely.

Save time

Find out how much time your team spends in meetings and adjust the processes.

Highest demand

Identify the time and place of the highest demand for meeting rooms and desks.

Meeting frequency

Evaluate the usage of meeting rooms and other spaces at a particular time.


Determine the most popular desks or meeting rooms and improve less-used areas.

Useful integrations

Microsoft 365

Power BI

Power BI

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Bamboo HR integration



Integrations Mix

Understand the space usage

Track patterns of employees using their desks and enable the working arrangements your employees crave.

Meeting room occupancy

Analyze your meeting room occupancy and see if you have the right number of meeting rooms.

Create well-being for your employees

Employees can track their personal progress on how their sitting-standing routines are improving.

Insights for better decisions

Use analytical Power BI dashboards to make the right decisions for business and employees’ well-being.

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