To empower businesses globally in efficiently managing their workplaces

Who we are

Composed of software and hardware engineers led by a passion for workplace innovation, we rely on our combined strengths to produce reliable technology that delivers user-centric experiences. TableAir is part of an international holding group with a wide network of partners.

About us - the team TableAir
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What we do

The only goal we have is to help companies manage their hybrid offices efficiently. We asked our customers what they needed. According to their feedback, we created integrated smart workplace solutions: booking apps for desks, meeting rooms, parking spaces; analytics, workspace sensors, and displays. Through these solutions, companies create efficiency, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Our history
Trusted by customers and partners worldwide
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“Table Air gives the whole team visibility of where others are and allows us to assess how the flexible working scheme is being utilized by staff.”

Richard Andrews

Head of IT

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“RT Smart Data team has been exceptionally impressed with the solution and greatly look forward to introducing the suite of products to our existing and future client base.”

Martin Wright

Business Development Manager

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“The effectiveness of the solution in London allowed us to expand the tools to our other global offices with minimum effort.”

Howard Wright

Global Head of IT Operations