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“If for whatever reason , the appointment expires
and you forget to log off, the system automatically releases the space so that others can use it."
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“Our motto is “work where it works”, you can do it in a number of places: at your own department, outside, at home or in another department. That is the basic idea for the transformation of the town hall in Amstelveen.” – Hans Schekermans, Project Director at the Municipality of Amstelveen, talks about the enormous transformation of the interior of the town hall in Amstelveen. A transformation that is still in full swing, but the first phase of which was completed in February 2020.

“Our organization is on the move. The disadvantage of our old accommodation was that once a department was expanding it did not fit into the rooms that were there. As a result, there were constant relocations, and that caused unrest.”


All workplaces consist of electrically adjustable sit-stand furniture with movement stimulation (via the TableAir app). The workplaces are also equipped with visible reservation sensors and a wireless charging function (Qi) for mobile phones.

No-Show Prevention

Hans continues: “All workplaces and meeting rooms have a no-show prevention by TableAir, the advanced workplace and meeting room reservation system that we use. People can reserve a workplace, a focus room, or a meeting room in advance. This can be done via an app or by swiping over the sensor with a pass. If for whatever reason, the appointment expires and you forget to log off, the system automatically releases the workplace or the meeting room so that others can use it.”

All meeting rooms are equipped with large screens that can be used device-independent via WiFi.

TableAir Equipment Used in the Project

  • Smart Button – interactive sit-stand desk controller with desk bookings capabilities
  • NRR – NFC and RFID reader for checking in and checking out of a desk
  • Office Sensor – Meeting room sensors that auto-release and auto-book the workspaces

Positive Feedback

“Everyone who works here is involved in the redesign. Because we have actively approached people and asked what they need to work well, the transformation is perceived by everyone as positive. We will, of course, continue to engage with all employees and work together to create a pleasant working environment. For example, there is a “flex etiquette” that promotes social behavior, and we will soon start a behavioral trajectory.”

The project implemented by PD Group and TableAir Benelux