An Investment Agreement

TableAir UAB, Midform Holding ApS, and Practica Capital, today announced they signed an investment agreement.


The Midform Holding ApS group consists of multiple companies focusing on the workplace industry. The group is present with furniture solutions all over the world. Bringing TableAir to the group will accelerate the digitalization of workspace experiences that are offered to both Midform Holding ApS and TableAir UAB clients.

“We are excited TableAir received an investment from Midform Holding ApS; I trust TableAir technological acumen will enrich products The Midform Holding ApS group is already producing. We see the strategic partnership as an important milestone that will empower us to adapt quickly to the market needs and build on many years of the group experience”, –  Lukas Lukoševičius, TableAir’s co-founder and CEO.

“I’m thrilled that TableAir, and its electronics engineering and software development team are joining Midform Group. The new addition will allow us to move more agile in an era of workspace digitalization, –  Claus Hanson, CEO of Midform Holding ApS.

“TableAir has developed a sophisticated and novel technology around productivity and wellness at the workplace and with Midform Group gains fast-track access to the global client base. We see a good alignment on the vision with the new partner and are looking forward to the new stage in the company’s development”, – Arvydas Bložė, Investment manager at Practica Capital.

TableAir, since its launch in 2015, has already raised over EUR 0.7M investments from venture capital firm Practica Capital and angel investors. With the following partnership, the TableAir team and product are securing a stronghold in PropTech and smart sit-standing desk fields.

Midform Group

Midform Group (Holding) was founded in 2004 by Claus Hansson and was created with a clear vision to be innovative, agile, and have to focus on providing innovative quality furniture solutions at reasonable prices. Today the Group is present with furniture solutions all over the world. Solutions range from unique high-grade molded plywood products to advanced wall-hanged ergonomic workstations with 5 actuators holding and moving 13 big monitors. Companies in the group today are Rufac (founded 1966) and Midform (founded 1955) located in Denmark and Poland, as well as SISERGO (founded 1984) in the USA.