Next Chapter in the Workspace Evolution - Office Sensor
Office sensor

The outlook of workspace management these days is extremely important. It’s paramount to utilize the existing office environment efficiently without wasting expensive real estate. The facility management, HR, and IT departments are also facing challenges in bringing employees back into the office and making it exciting again.

With the new TableAir product – Office Sensor, you will be able to do everything above and more. It’s mostly due to the fact that Office Sensor comes within the Bookings, Analytics, and Well-being packages of TableAir Cloud. The TableAir Cloud offers benefits for managers by providing tangible occupancy data and making a space smart and connected for employees. The staff can flexibly choose where and when they work, including remote scheduling work. On top of that, the safe and secure technology allows for easy integration for IT departments. Many companies are thinking about their digital workplace strategy and have the challenge of improving experiences and enhancing collaborations. With Office Sensor and TableAir Cloud, you can build an adaptive and agile infrastructure to support the new way of working. To sum up, the functionality that enables all the benefits, here is just a flavor of what’s offered with the Office Sensor product family:

  • Occupancy detection
  • Identification
  • Auto booking
  • NFC RFID authentication
  • Sanitation identification (see if the desk requires sanitation)
  • Easy connection (wifi, Bluetooth)
  • Wellness (sit-stand desk control)

New design and simple connection both for securing the sensor and integrating into your existing process make the launch of the TableAir Cloud system one of the fastest in the marketplace. And as usual, we made sure that you could launch TableAir Cloud for desk, meeting room bookings, and guest management without a need to preinstall the sensors. The system is flexible enough to handle the ever-changing requirements of your business, therefore can be launched as a software-only version in the beginning.

Office sensor sketch
At first glance, the OS looks like a modest and simple curve under the table. We decided to follow ergonomics and sensor specifications to decide on the best form solution for this device. Firstly device is a round shape in some ways and resembles a bug that is tightly adherent under the table. This appearance solves the main ergonomic challenge for this device – leg and knee interference risk with the object. OS also has the latest build-in laser ToF range, PIR motion, and temperature sensors. Together with our occupancy algorithms, OS can interpret sensor data accurately and send accurate workspace statistics in real-time. The device is designed to be easy to set up and be "forgotten." Users can attach it with included special double-sided tape or secure the device with two screws in cases there firmer attachment is needed.
Darius Bruzgulis
Mechanical Engineer