Revise Your Office Management With a 30-Day Free Trial

In our relentless pursuit of facilitating workplace management, we are thrilled to unveil a new opportunity – starting now, every user can create an account and test the TableAir solution with a 30-day free trial. This trial is not merely a glimpse but a deep dive into the multifaceted features and all the possibilities to try out our desk, meeting room, and parking booking solution.

30-day free trial

Empowerment at Your Fingertips

Admin Privileges

Upon creating your account, you’re granted full admin rights, placing you firmly in control. Customize settings, manage users effortlessly, test all the features, and shape your workplace management experience according to your organization’s unique requirements.


Invite Guests with User Rights

Collaboration is key in today’s dynamic work environment. Invite guests with user rights and allow them to explore the full spectrum of TableAir solution alongside you, fostering a sense of unity and shared exploration.


Testing Ground for Desks, Meeting Rooms, and Parking Space Reservation

Experience the seamless ease of booking desks, meeting rooms, and parking spaces. The 30-day free trial provides the opportunity to witness firsthand how TableAir can optimize your office space, ensuring resources are utilized efficiently and purposefully.


Choose or Upload Your Office Floor Map

At the heart of TableAir’s customization lies the ability to upload your own office floor map for a truly bespoke experience. If you don’t have your office plan, you can choose a pre-uploaded office floor map that best fits your space, available in two sizes (for medium and large companies). This feature creates a more seamless experience for your unique office layout.


Personalized Settings and Configurations

Navigate through the platform’s intuitive settings to configure it to meet your specific needs. Whether setting booking rules, defining user roles, naming your resources, or establishing resource hierarchies, TableAir provides a level of personalization that aligns perfectly with your organizational requirements.


Make Data-Driven Decisions

Use analytics for more accurate insights – get in-depth insights to help you properly manage your space, access, and occupancy. Identify your employee habits, space utilization scale, and facilitate a new office layout or even cut down business costs by reducing your office size.


The TableAir 30-day free trial is not just an exploration of a tool; it’s an invitation to reimagine how your office management can become easier and more streamlined.