11 Creative Ideas to Repurpose Your Empty Office Space

Empty office space

Work and office culture dynamics have experienced a seismic shift in recent years. The advent of remote work, hybrid models, and flexible schedules has left many businesses with empty office spaces, once bustling productivity hubs. However, far from being a burden, these vacant spaces can be seen as opportunities waiting to be unlocked. Forward-thinking companies are discovering innovative ways to repurpose these areas to benefit their business and communities. So, let’s discuss the more extensive and in-depth strategies and ideas on how businesses can repurpose empty office space.

Clean Desk Policy: Benefits, Implementation, and Challenges

Clean desk policy

In the digital age, where information flows rapidly and workspaces are increasingly virtual, the importance of physical workspace organization often gets overlooked. However, the state of one’s physical workspace can greatly impact productivity, efficiency, and even information security. The clean desk policy has emerged as a strategic approach to address these factors, ensuring that workspaces remain clutter-free, optimized, and secure. This article offers an in-depth exploration of the clean desk policy, its benefits, implementation strategies, potential challenges, and its overall positive impact on workplaces.

From Remote to Office: A Successful Return-to-Office Policy

Return to office policy

In the ever-evolving landscape of work, adaptability is key. As the world strides towards recovery, companies face the challenge of orchestrating a smooth transition from remote work back to the physical office space. This is where a well-structured Return-to-Office policy steps in, acting as a guiding light for both employers and employees in this transformative journey.

6 Meeting Room Management Challenges and How to Conquer Them

Meeting room management

The modern workplace has undergone a significant transformation, embracing open layouts, flexible work arrangements, and collaborative spaces. Amidst this evolution, the management of meeting rooms has become a critical aspect of maintaining productivity and fostering effective communication. So let’s dive into the multifaceted challenges faced in meeting room management and discuss the detailed solutions to tackle them head-on.

How to Create Employee Well-Being-Oriented Workplace: 8 Tips

Employee well-being

In today’s fast-paced and demanding business world, the emphasis on corporate and employee well-being has never been more critical. The success of any organization is deeply rooted in the well-being of its employees since they are the driving force behind its growth and innovation. Businesses that understand what employees expect from modern office creates an atmosphere conducive to increased productivity. So let’s dive deeper and explore the significance of prioritizing corporate and employee well-being, and discover the key elements to create a well-being-oriented workplace together.

Enhance Meeting Room Booking Experience With Outlook Plugin

Meeting Room Booking Experience with Outlook Plugin

One of the most significant advantages of the TableAir Outlook Plugin is its ability to simplify the meeting room booking process. With a user-friendly interface seamlessly integrated into the Outlook platform, employees can search available meeting rooms with needed attributes directly from their calendars. The plugin saves valuable time and effort by eliminating the need for manual searching or contacting administrators.

How to Book a Room With Attributes Using TableAir Plugin?

Use Outlook Plugin

We offer advanced meeting room reservations with the new TableAir Outlook Plugin. All businesses who use TableAir’s meeting room booking service can add the Plugin to their Outlook Calendars and reserve a meeting space with the necessary attributes, including the space’s capacity, drawing boards, projectors, conference systems, and any other equipment you might have in your meeting spaces.

How to Add the TableAir Outlook Plugin to Your Calendar?

Add Outlook Plugin

We are introducing an advanced meeting room booking with the new TableAir Outlook Plugin. All the companies that use the TableAir Meeting Room Booking solution can add the Plugin to their Outlook Calendar and book the meeting room with the needed attributes like the room capacity, displays, projectors, conference systems, and any resources you have in your meeting rooms. Your company meeting room attributes will be added upon your request or while setting up the meeting room booking system.

Office Space Utilization: The Key to Cost Savings

Office space utilization - cost savings

Office space utilization is a crucial aspect of office management, which involves analyzing and optimizing how space is being used to maximize productivity and minimize wasted space and resources. According to JLL’s occupancy planning trend report, 55% of prominent real estate teams aim to utilize office space between 70-89%. However, the current average utilization rate across various industries is approximately 60%. Regularly monitoring and implementing effective strategies can provide insights into office space utilization. Identifying areas of improvement can lead to cost savings, increased productivity, and an enhanced workplace experience for employees.

Workplace Analytics: Employ Data to Improve Your Office Space

Workplace Analytics

Workplace analytics plays a vital role in effective office management as it offers substantial benefits such as improved decision–making, increased employees’ productivity, employees and visitor experience, and simplified strategic office space management. Analytical data consists of three main categories – office, employees’ productivity, and employees’ experience analytics. Different data from office analytics gives valuable insights about office occupancy, capacity, utilization, number of space bookings, and many more.