Groups - By Popular Demand

Group zones

We’re announcing a new TableAir Cloud feature requested by many of our clients – Groups.

This has been a recurring one – how can I ensure our marketing team doesn’t book the engineering team’s desks all the time? This is an essential function for Activity Based Workplaces, as more flexible teams can be… well, all over the place, and having a bit more structure for how they use the premises is a good thing.

The group’s feature aimed to make the administrator’s job easier and your space efficiency higher. With Groups, you can now group desks booking and meeting room booking and select which team members are allowed to book them. This feature gives ample room to tinker with your office dynamics and solves some key fundamental problems of unassigned seating: 

  • Make sure your key people always find a space (for example, you can now group meeting rooms and allow only your management to book them)
  • Make sure your silent areas remain silent (don’t allow sales teams into the engineering corner)

Although this update is intended to help companies that thrive on discipline, we continue to retain our outlook that every company should find its ideal office management framework. So the Groups feature is optional and up for your to test and see if it works with your people and your culture.

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