Experience Free 30-day Trial of Office Management Solution. Here's Why!

Free 30-day trial

We understand the importance of witnessing a demo before purchasing software. However, there’s a significant difference between observing a demo demonstration and actively engaging with the solution by clicking each button and exploring its full capabilities. That’s why TableAir is excited to introduce a free 30-day trial of our office management solution. During this trial period, users will enjoy full admin rights, allowing them to thoroughly test the desk, meeting room, parking booking solutions, and all other features. This hands-on experience empowers you to discover the transformative benefits of our system personally, and the best part is that no credit card information is required to access this trial.

The Why?

Seamless Workspace Optimization

Our solution provides a comprehensive platform to manage desks, meeting rooms, parking spaces, and more, allowing you to optimize your office layout and resources seamlessly. Try out the TableAir solution with the free 30-day trial and see how the system can ensure that each resource is utilized to its maximum potential.

Enhanced Collaboration

Foster a collaborative work environment with our meeting room booking feature. Easily schedule and manage meetings, ensuring your teams can collaborate effortlessly to brainstorm, plan, and innovate. Additionally, the system can be integrated with Microsoft Teams, so you and your colleagues wouldn’t have to leave the platform to book any space.

Effortless Desk Booking

Use the free 30-day trial to test the solution with your entire team or even the whole company. Show your employees the flexibility to choose their workspaces based on their preferences and needs. Our desk booking feature ensures that your team can reserve a workspace in advance, promoting a sense of ownership and a smooth transition between remote and office work.

Optimized Parking Management

You can even try out the parking booking feature and eliminate parking woes. Employees can reserve parking spaces in advance, reducing stress and ensuring a smooth start to their workday. This feature also helps optimize parking space allocation, minimize congestion, and enhance overall parking management.

User-Friendly Interface

Our solution boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for both employees and administrators to navigate and utilize its features. Users can book desks, meeting rooms, and parking spaces with a few clicks. At the same time, administrators can effortlessly manage resources, create rules, group users or resources, give different permissions, and track usage.

Mobile application

During the free 30-day trial, you can explore not only the website dashboard but also our mobile application. Download it for free from the Google Play or iOS App Store and test all the features. The mobile application allows you to book any resource effortlessly, providing a convenient and straightforward experience you can access anytime and anywhere.

Customizable and Scalable

Adapt the system to your needs with customizable features catering to your unique office environment. Add your brand colors and logo, create different rules and permissions, and upload your own office floor map for a better experience.

No Credit Card Required for the Free 30-day Trial

We understand that trying out new solutions can be a commitment. To make it easier for you to experience the benefits firsthand, we offer a 30-day free trial without needing credit card information. This risk-free trial allows you to explore our space management solution’s full potential before committing.

We believe that an efficiently managed workspace is vital to unlocking your team’s and businesses’ full potential. Our desk, meeting room, and parking booking solution offers a holistic approach to workplace management, providing a seamless experience for both employees and administrators. Take advantage of our free 30-day trial to try out all the features of our solution and experience the benefits before committing. Revolutionize your office operations and elevate your workplace to new heights. 

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