Everything You Need to Know About NFC and RFID Reader

NFC and RFID reader

Back in 2014, we embarked on a journey to a world of smart workplaces. We introduced a state-of-the-art technology powered by Bluetooth in our products ranging from smart desks to stand-alone sensors. These devices would pair with your smartphone and work as a means of authentication.

This proved to be a success, especially once connected with electric sit-stand desks used to power the sit-stand program, which increases sit-stand desk usage. The industry dictates that most offices still use NFC and RFID cards quite intensively. Even though Bluetooth is breaking ground with access control systems, we are also on a mission to supply our products to ALL companies and those who want to use the NFC and RFID cards.

The number of smartphones and other devices with NFC technology is growing rapidly, so we’ve decided to ease the process for those companies that wish to continue using NFC and RFID cards. From now on, you can use the TableAir NFC and RFID Reader (NRR) device to identify users easily.

Instead of pressing the Smart Button or taking your smartphone to do the check-in via Bluetooth, the NRR device will save time for your employees. Simply touch it with your card to check-in and touch it again to check out – it could not be more simple.

Suppose a need be – use the same card and make the workspace / meeting room available again. The device is compatible with an entire portfolio of TableAir products.

Moreover, if you’d like to hide the NRR underneath the desk discretely, you can attach the scanner and hide it under wooden tabletops as long as they’re not thicker than 40mm.

NRR attaching instructions
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