Empower Your Employees With Online Office Parking Booking

Parking booking solution

Recently many businesses have been facing real challenges in work organization. Remote work and uncertainty about the future have brought vast confusion into businesses’ daily routines. Though the ongoing vaccination programs have given them hope that soon the companies staff could start returning to the office and work together more frequently.

Everybody is waiting for when they will be able to meet colleagues again, but returning to work and combined work style (from the office and remotely) can create new challenges. One of them is car parking. The uncertain employees’ amount in the office will leave a part of the parking spaces empty or too crowded. Employees will feel frustrated when they come to the office and won’t find an available parking space, and top management will feel stressed about cost-ineffectiveness when they see the empty parking because part of the staff is working remotely. Keeping in mind all possible issues businesses can face, we have created and launched a new resource-sharing solution – TableAir Parking. It is the online office car parking booking system where employees can plan their work time in advance and book not only a desk but a parking space too.

Parking booking system

TableAir’s Parking solution can help manage employee and office guest car parking smart and cost-effectively. Car-sharing can help companies decrease parking rent costs, increase employee satisfaction, and offer a nice parking experience for office guests.

Occupancy status
Users can track office parking space occupancy and book parking on the go. It is possible to easily reserve your spot with the TableAir Parking system on the web or on your mobile phone.


Smart parking space management
Admins can manage parking spaces by releasing them to be booked by everyone, making them restricted, or assigning them to specific employees. This means that the parking space can be used with 100% efficiency.


Assigned space sharing
Some spaces can be reserved exclusively for top management, but if they are on a holiday or business trip, the space can be easily shared with other employees.


Companies can leave the limited amount of owned parking spaces and smartly manage them. The decreased parking spots can help save on rent costs or increase revenue by renting the spots to other enterprises.


Reservation for guests
Businesses don’t need to keep a separate space for guest parking as office guests can reserve their spot for an allotted time in advance. Give your visitors the best car parking experience!


Parking zones
Parking spaces can be grouped into different zones, such as guests or top management parking only. This streamlined system allows employees to find their reserved car space more quickly and easily.