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Hybrid office

Creating a comfortable and attractive workspace is one of the main goals of every company. Business leaders are searching for ways to keep employees satisfied, starting with a new must-have coffee machine to improve the workspace environment’s overall quality. The second-largest expense for almost every company is real estate-associated costs. Office usage data helps manage it optimally. After several researches, it was highlighted that sometimes up to 50% of the office space is left unoccupied. Typically these occupancy studies are conducted with floor walkers; however, there is a more cost-efficient and precise way to collect the occupancy data.

Now with the TableAir office sensor, you can easily collect data about office space usage. This will allow workspaces to be auto-booked or auto-released. Moreover, with the same equipment, you can smoothly transition into a free address (or hotdesking) environment without installing any additional hardware.

In every commercial project, one of the main objectives is to decide on and understand how much office space employees need. Combining the information on office utilization with the agile work environment can change how employees work and allocate their time. There are no more unoccupied desks and unproductive time usage. People get more in touch technologically and become more involved in the office environment.

The question that facility and HR managers usually have is whether the employees are ready to work without a dedicated workspace for a cultural change. The benefits for a business owner are straightforward — the TableAir system helps save real estate costs, but it is always crucial to present the benefits of such a work environment for the system users. One of the main benefits is desk sharing, which increases creativity and teamwork, leading to better results and satisfaction with their work. Also, it gives working flexibility to the employees, who can decide when and where to work. Case studies have shown that people who work in activity-based workplaces are more likely to be productive and waste less time on activities not supported by the environment.

While the facility managers sector actively takes agile working, it is essential not to forget other groups. Many of these organizations are opening more client collaboration spaces, multi-purpose environments, and communal areas, which can be under-utilized, and the occupancy rates can be improved.

In this case, desk/meeting room occupancy sensors and booking system reduce the costs of the real estate, improve the adaptability of the workplace for employees, strategically align the business towards advanced technology, improve creativeness of the employees, integrate hotdesking, grow the production team and improves the utilization of the office.

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