Seamless Office Parking Management: Partnership with CityPro

TableAir, a leading provider of smart office solutions, is excited to announce partnership with CityPro following the success of their initial joint project. This collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate TableAir’s innovative office parking reservation system with CityPro’s advanced Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, providing a comprehensive solution for streamlined office parking management. 

CityPro partnership

The successful pilot project, executed with precision and efficiency, demonstrated the potential of this partnership to revolutionize how companies manage their office parking spaces. TableAir’s integrated smart workplace management solutions, specifically the parking booking system, allow users to check parking lot availability through the mobile app or website dashboard and reserve parking spots in advance. CityPro’s ANPR system enhances security by controlling access to specific parking areas, and the addition of barriers enables automated control of entry and exit points based on the recognition of vehicle license plates. 

The integrated system facilitates hassle-free parking reservations, ensuring that employees and visitors can effortlessly secure parking spaces upon arrival. The ANPR system eliminates the need for physical permits or manual checks, enhancing the overall efficiency of the parking management process. 

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey with CityPro and witness the success of our first joint project,” said Giedrius Gervickas, CEO at TableAir. “This partnership reflects our commitment to delivering innovative and comprehensive solutions for office environments. By seamlessly integrating our parking reservation system with CityPro’s advanced technology, we provide a one-stop solution for all office parking management needs.” 

Both TableAir and CityPro express their enthusiasm for the ongoing collaboration, aiming to offer businesses a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that addresses all aspects of office parking management. 

We are delighted to collaborate with such professionals as the TableAir team. By combining our expertise in smart parking solutions with TableAir, we aim to revolutionize parking accessibility and user convenience. This partnership signifies a leap forward in creating seamless and advanced parking solutions, streamlining access, and optimizing space utilization.

Mantas Gustas
Sales Director at CityPro