Introducing the New Outlook Plugin for Meeting Room Booking

TableAir is excited to announce the launch of the Outlook Plugin for meeting rooms. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates with Outlook, simplifying the booking process and saving time.

Outlook Plugin for Meeting room Booking

With the TableAir Outlook Plugin, users can easily search for available meeting rooms with desired attributes directly from their calendars. The search can be based on capacity and any attributes in the meeting rooms, like projectors, displays, drawing boards, and others. The plugin can be easily customized according to the changes in the meeting room attributes.

The meeting room booking administrators can optimize resource allocation by gaining insights into room utilization patterns, underutilization, and high-demand rooms. These insights can help make changes and reduce wasted space by maximizing resources.

The TableAir Outlook Plugin enhances meeting space management by providing organizations with a user-friendly solution that helps simplify room booking, offers customizable attributes, and optimizes resources.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.