TableAir & Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams integration

Seamless office management is paramount for organizational success. An efficient system that encompasses communication, file sharing, team connectivity, and resource booking can enhance employee productivity. Recognizing this need for synergy, TableAir has created Microsoft Teams integration, offering a unified platform for comprehensive office management.

User-Friendly Integration

Microsoft Teams, a powerful communication and collaboration platform designed to support hybrid working, ensures that teams remain informed, organized, and connected, regardless of physical location. TableAir has elevated the platform by creating Microsoft Teams integration to eliminate the hassle of switching between systems to organize workdays. The booking process for desks, rooms, and parking spots remains unchanged, emphasizing user experience, ease of use, and overall efficiency.

Microsoft Teams Integration Key Benefits

Empowering employees:

  • Enable employees to organize and plan their workday seamlessly within Microsoft Teams integration.
  • Book desks, meeting rooms, or parking spaces without the need to switch between platforms.


Comprehensive booking options:

  • Plan personal, team, or recurring bookings effortlessly using a single tool.
  • Check availability on the interactive floor map and make instant bookings directly on the map.


Efficient team collaboration:

  • Easily locate colleagues through search functionality or by glancing at the interactive floor map.
  • Conveniently access TableAir directly from the Microsoft Teams menu bar for streamlined communication.


Enhanced connectivity and organization:

  • Stay connected, organized, and efficient using one integrated platform for all office management needs.

The TableAir and Microsoft Teams integration marks a significant leap in the quest for efficient office management. By combining two powerful platforms, organizations can empower their employees to plan and organize their workdays, book resources effortlessly, and enhance team collaboration. With this TableAir integration, Microsoft Teams becomes more than just a communication tool; it transforms into a comprehensive hub for all aspects of office management, promoting a more connected, organized, and efficient work environment.

Take advantage of the 30-day free trial and explore the office management solution with the Microsoft Teams integration.

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