Smart Synergy - BambooHR
for Hot-Desking System

BambooHR integration with TableAir

BambooHR is one of the most popular all-in-one HR software in the world. It is made for small and medium businesses and the people who work in them. The software makes it easy to collect, maintain, and analyze staff data of the client’s company, improve the way it hires talents, onboard new employees, manages compensation, and develops the company culture. So this system is designed to set the CEOs and human resources specialists free to focus on what matters the most – the people.

TableAir is happy to announce having an opportunity to collaborate with such an innovative company as BambooHR. As there is a high demand for the desk booking in various businesses, our team, together with the help of BambooHR colleagues, has launched the tool that helps to integrate BambooHR user accounts from their software to TableAir’s Hot desking platform. It means that those companies who already use BambooHR and would like to use the Hot desking system now can easily synchronize the users between these two platforms. They won’t need to waste time and money by making additional systems adaptations and creating new user accounts in the booking system.

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