How Do You Keep the Physical Distance in the Office?

Social distancing with TableAir

During the COVID-19 pandemic, countries all over the world introduce social distancing requirements, and in most cases, people are also encouraged to remote work. However, some businesses require their workers to pursue some of the work still while at the office. We will help you manage your workspace’s social and physical distancing.

If remote work is not an option in your organization, worry no more: with TableAir, you’ll be able to manage the desk booking and change the policy in the blink of an eye, at the tip of your fingers.

Once an administrator temporarily disables booking on some of the workspaces, regular users will have access only to the available desks. This is visible on the online website as well as on the TableAir app for Android and iPhone devices:

iPhone Social Distancing

Why Should You Disable the Availability of Some Workspaces?

Nobody knows how long this practice will be enforced; however, we all know it’s better to be safe than sorry. Also, the functionality comes as a standard package, so you will not be subjected to additional charges. And even more so, when combined with remote booking capabilities, TableAir ensures your preparation for a smart workspace transformation – not only in the building itself but also going beyond the walls of your office.

EXTRA TIP: During the quarantine period, limit the number of available spots in your meeting rooms. If the regular capacity of a meeting room is ten seats, consider reducing it to two or four seats by setting a limit on your booking system, and the probability of having large gatherings will be reduced. Furthermore, try to generally move things, such as meetings, online, if possible.

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