Convert any standing desk into a connected workstation

Plug in the TableAir Smart Button into
your sit–stand desk and get all of
the below.

CE Certified

TableAir Smart Button 1

TableAir Smart Button U

TableAir smartphone app TableAir Booking Cloud

The Smart Button 1 and TableAir Smart Button U are a sit-to-stand desk controller offering the most engaging way of adjusting the height of the table. It’s a getaway allowing TableAir Cloud Booking Cloud to work in any modern office.

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TableAir Booking Cloud takes hot–desking to a whole new level by offering seamless and consistent user experience between different mediums.

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Table Booking Cloud

Table booking made for humans. The answer to a more dynamic and flexible work environment.

Smart Button notifications

The Smart Button 1 will advise you when your favorite table is free and will always keep you updated about your reservations via visual or audible notifications.

Friendly reminder

It will remind you to check in, to finish your session or to change your posture while working.

User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface makes it easy to find your co-workers and book workstations close to them.

TableAir Smart button 1

Intuitive height setting.

Swap between sitting and standing in a blink of an eye.

Distinctive look that elevates your desk into the next level.

Enables TableAir Booking Cloud. You’ll be able to reserve tables in advance.

Enables pairing with your smartphone and TableAir App.

Waterproof IP68

Collects analytics about table usage.

Notifications on the LED ring – know when it’s time to sit or stand, see if the table is available.

Optional sound alerts.

TableAir Smart Button U

Small version of Smart Button 1. Attached directly to the standing desks’ controller without a visible switch button.

Enables TableAir Booking Cloud. You’ll be able to reserve tables in advance.

Collects analytics about table usage.


Empowering educated and quantifiable decisions.

Comprehensive visual reports give facility managers understanding of desk utilization within the office, empowering them to make the best workspace decisions while in search of greater efficiency and teamwork.

Intuitive Height Setting

The most natural and engaging way to adjust the height of any sit-to-stand workstation.

The ultimate standing desk experience. Thanks to TableAir SB1 controller, a simple hand gesture is enough to lift the table to the desired height.

Hand Smart-Button

Buy all of this wrapped in a range of standing desks powered by TableAir technology:

TableAir LIGHT
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How do you attach it to table?
TableAir Smart Button 1 – to be announced soon.
TableAir Smart Button U – simply plug it into the controller.
Where to buy it?
List of our distributors can be found here -
or you can buy directly from us at
What legs systems is compitable with?
All deskill leg systems powered by SBD6S controller.
Timotion support is coming soon.
What smartphones compitable with?
All iOS devices from iPhone 4s and up.
Most Android devices that support BT4.0
Can it be used with simple
(not electric) desk?
Yes, you can power Clip as a desk indicator for TableAir Table Booking to work. Additional adapter is required though.
Where can I learn more?
We're here to help you choose our products, so feel free to write us at or simply give us a call at +44 (0) 20 3322 4746
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