Remote work booking solution

to flexible work

Re-shape your office into a flexible
and transparent workplace


Show your availability and location, whether you work remotely or in the office, and become a transparent office.

Find teammates

Check if your teammates are working remotely or on-site whenever you need to find a colleague.

Always ahead

Need to go to the office for an unexpected meeting? Book a desk or meeting room online in a few seconds.

One solution

All in one – manage desk, meeting room, parking, and remote work bookings. No additional systems needed.

Show your work status

Use the remote work bookings solutions to indicate your working status. Find an available remote workspace on the website or app, select the time you will be working remotely and book it. Now your colleagues will know when and how you are working.

Remote work booking
Hybrid office analytics
Get valuable insights

Analyze remote work and office desk bookings to better understand your employees’ work model patterns, needs, and working arrangements.

Use the data to increase workspace utilization, reduce office costs, or facilitate new office layout decisions.

Remote work benefits